Doceń olej rzepakowy

The composition of our diet, including the type of fat that we eat every day, is extremely important for our health. It really matters what kind of fat we choose. The results of research show that because of its properties, rapeseed oil should be a part of our diet.

  • Research conducted in 2010 showed that the public’s awareness of the health benefits of rapeseed oil is superficial and incomplete. For this reason we have decided to create our educational programme: “Appreciate rapeseed oil”.
  • The main aim of the programme is to raise consumers’ awareness of the nutritional and health properties of rapeseed oil and its importance in daily diet.
  • We have enlisted the support of the best Polish nutrition experts, who, based on the available studies, have developed a report entitled “Why rapeseed oil?” presenting practical advice on how to translate research results into everyday dietary habits.
  • The report highlights the most important advantages of rapeseed oil for our health.
  • On our website,, we have published information and advice on the role of rapeseed oil in healthy and tasty cooking.
  • The educational campaign comprised: advertising in women’s magazines and on the Internet, workshops and briefings for the media, social media activities and a range of activities aimed at opinion formers.