Akcje społeczne - Z Kujawskim pomagamy pszczołom

Helping bees with Kujawski oil

A world without bees? It would be hard to imagine. These useful insects pollinate one third of all the plants that give us food. Bees are also responsible for pollinating rapeseed – the plant whose seeds are used to manufacture Kujawski oil.

  • The main goal of the campaign is to draw the Polish public’s attention to the problem of a large-scale die-off of Polish bees and to disseminate knowledge about the things each of us can do to help save the bees.
  • Our website and our Facebook profile ( feature useful tips on how to create and cultivate a bee-friendly garden.
  • Across Poland, we are organising Family Picnics full of interesting activities, during which, together with the participants, we plant beds of nectariferous plants.
  • We have entered into cooperation with the Białowieża National Park, and have financed: the creation of traditional wild beehives and stocking them with bees, the creation of an educational path, the publication of a book on bees and a system for field beekeeping inventory.
  • We are supported by experts and researchers from various areas relating to beekeeping and gardening. We collaborate with all the major beekeeping societies and associations.
  • Since 2011, millions of Poles have learned about the need to protect bees thanks to the “Helping bees with Olej Kujawski” campaign. The awareness of the problem has increased by almost 100 percent.*
  • Participants of the campaign have created tens of thousands of virtual bee-friendly gardens and balconies. They use the knowledge gained during the campaign on a daily basis.*
*data from the research: „Z Kujawskim pomagamy pszczołom” communication effectiveness study, WeSearch research & analytics agency of SMVGroup