Olej Kujawski filtrowany na zimno

  • We know that the nature is perfect and should not be improved upon – all it takes is using its gifts wisely and with respect. Therefore, the process of making Kujawski oil has for many years been based on traditional and tried-and-tested methods.
  • Kujawski oil is produced from selected rapeseeds. The seeds are first pressed to collect the oil. The oil is then directly refined to produce a delicious rapeseed oil: Kujawski.
  • Kujawski oil is a source of Omega 3 fatty acids, naturally present in rapeseed grains. Thanks to them Kujawski is an important element of everyday diet.
  • Kujawski oil is the only cold-filtered oil on the market.
  • The high quality of Kujawski Oil is confirmed by the Q Certificate awarded by the PCBC (Polish Centre of Testing and Certification) to products of above-standard quality and verified annually at accredited laboratories.
  • Kujawski oil perfectly brings out the flavour of dishes and is recommended for both hot (for frying, baking) and cold (e.g. in salads) usage.
  • Kujawski oil has enjoyed the trust of Poles for many years, as evidenced by various consumer awards and honours (Trusted Brand, Consumer’s Laurel, Product of the Year).
Kujawski Oil
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