Olej Kujawski z pierwszego tłoczenia

It is well known that natural, minimally processed products are the most valuable for consumers. We use this knowledge when manufacturing Kujawski from the first pressing oil and thus we provide a unique rapeseed oil.

  • Kujawski from the first pressing is a natural vegetable oil, which is produced from thoroughly selected rapeseeds.
  • Kujawski oil is obtained only by refining rapeseeds from the first pressing of, in order to retain what is most valuable in them.
  • The entire oil production process — from obtaining the seeds to a finished rapeseed oil from the first pressing — is conducted in such a manner as to meet very strict food quality and safety requirements.
  • The first pressing process means that the obtained rapeseed oil is of the highest quality and should be part of a balanced and healthy diet.