ZT Kruszwica

We leverage our experience

We are the largest oil seed processing company in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. We specialise mainly in manufacturing vegetable bottled oils, margarines and fats. We are part of the Bunge Group, and thus can draw upon international experiences and introduce the highest standards into our production. In creating the “Kujawski” brand, we strive for the highest quality and are concerned for the demands of clients, to whom we intend to supply continuously improved food products.

Oilseed are our passion

For many years, we have approached with passion all aspects of oilseed processing — from obtaining raw materials, through its processing and the distribution of products to our customers. That is how we can be sure that we offer the highest quality.
  ZT “Kruszwica” S.A. is a story of multiple companies, who have developed their technical, technological and quality potential for many years, so that now they may produce the highest quality oils. Currently, we conduct production in three locations in Kruszwica, Brzeg and Gdańsk.

Consumer margarines and bottled oils

In addition to the “Kujawski z Pierwszego Tłoczenia” oil, which is our flagship product, we also offer other product lines under Kujawski brand: "Kujawski z ziołami", "Kujawski 3 ziarna", "Kujawski tłoczony na zimno". In our portfolio we also offer other brands appreciated by the consumers, i.e. Oliwier, Bartek Słonecznikowy, Optima Omega 3, Olek, Oleo and Olej Popularny oils, as well as consumer margarines — Smakowita, Finuu, Optima Cardio, Naturima, Masmix, Palma z Kruszwicy, Mleczna z Kruszwicy, Zwykła z Kruszwicy and Słynne Masło Roślinne MR.